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Holiday Greeting - Moms are Priceless

| May 07, 2020

Whether they stay at home or work for a company, moms rarely have just one job. They’re event planners, coaches, interior designers, chefs, art directors, judges (and juries), housekeepers, maintenance supervisors, network administrators, academic advisors, and so much more. Moms are hard workers.

Every year, estimates how much a mother might earn. By their calculations, in 2019, the median annual salary for stay-at-home moms would have been $178,201 – an increase of 9.6% from’s 2018 calculation.1

If that seems low, you’re probably right. A mother’s love is priceless. As Professor Dumbledore told Harry Potter, “Love as powerful as your mother’s for you, leaves its own mark.”2

An executive at stated:1

“The role of Mom requires a diverse skill set that commands serious market value in the talent market, and with new demands on Mom’s time arising every day, we only expect their market value to increase in the future. The immense dedication and work ethic of modern moms does not go unnoticed or unappreciated, and we were not at all surprised at the increased salary we calculated this year, nor do we expect this pace of growth to slow over the next five years.”’s 2019 Mom Salary Survey recognizes the value all moms deliver to their families every day and so do we.

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift in these troubled times, consider a family financial plan. A plan that prioritizes what’s important to you and your family and ensures a financially secure future, is priceless, just like Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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